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Automating with Powershell

This is a very early version of this code. It appears to work but your mileage may vary. Note that ALL it does is combine media files. That is the only automation at this point.

For Powershell aficionado's I have wrapped the functionality into a cmdlet. Invoking it is this easy:

Powershell Script Sample
import-module C:\Dev\OpenSourceProjects\C4MVC\trunk\ExpressionAutomation\PowershellScripts\ExpressionAutomation.dll

Combine-Media 'C:\Dev\PowershellFun\CmdletDemo\livemeeting_cut.wmv' 'C:\Dev\PowershellFun\CmdletDemo\' -IntroPath 'C:\Dev\PowershellFun\CmdletDemo\IntroVideo.wmv' -OutroPath 'C:\Dev\PowershellFun\CmdletDemo\Wildlife.wmv' 

There is a sample script checked in with some notes in the source code repository here: \trunk\ExpressionAutomation\PowershellScripts

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